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Power of Education Africa Foundation stands together with the poorest, most disadvantaged girls and orphans of HIV/AIDS helping them to access the power of education to change their lives.

Education is the most powerful tool to improve the lives of girls and young women. Education empowers them. It gives them economic independence, self-governance and a voice. Education prepares young women to expand from the domestic to the public sphere, where they can become leaders in their communities and advocates for social justice. Education gives hope, helps a girl to change not only her life, but also the conditions in her community.

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The Foundation is a Canadian Registered Charity. Our purpose is to help impoverished girls in one of the poorest areas of East Africa, Nyanza Province, Kenya, to obtain a secondary, and sometimes a post-secondary, education and to rise out of the undermining effects of poverty, gender inequality, cultural oppression and HIV/AIDS. According to the 2009 census, the drop out rate for girls from Primary school to Secondary school is over 80% in Kenya (Daraja Academy).

Your donation helps the Power of Education Africa Foundation provide not only school tuition fees and board and room, but all that the girls require to attend high school. Before term begins the girls must bring virtually everything they will use–not only  their uniforms, but many other items. As you can see in the picture below, all these supplies make a colourful display outside the school on opening day. Click on the following link to see the full list of what the Power of Education Africa Foundation provides girls with the money you donate. List of Supplies

School Registration Day School Supplies
School Registration Day School Supplies

While the Foundation’s primary focus is directed toward girls, on occasion, we will also help an orphaned boy to go to school, especially if he is head of a sibling family. Also, depending on the funds available, we also help the poorest caregiver grandmothers send young grandchildren to Primary school.

Currently, thanks the generous support of supporters, Power of Education Africa Foundation is able to sponsor 71 secondary school students (66 girls and 5 boys), and furnish uniforms for 40-50 primary school orphans in Nyanza province. Most of the orphan children are being raised by grandmothers because their parents have died of HIV/AIDS, by far the leading cause of death in this part of Africa.

Click here for the story of Gladys, one of the many young women whose life is being dramatically changed by the Foundation’s work.


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Contact us:  President Shiella Fodchuk
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