List of Supplies


What Do the Girls Need?

When the school term begins, the students must bring many supplies. The girls’ families or villages can often supply many items, and Power of Education Africa provides the rest. It is impractical to send the actual items to Kenya due to high transportation costs, so they are purchased locally with the money our supporters donate.



Oxford shoes Toilet paper
Shoe polish Water bucket
Rubber shoes Washbasin
Uniform Water jug for filling basin
Sweater Spoon, fork, knife, plate, bowl mug
2 hikers (bloomers) 4 pairs pens, black, blue, red
2 petticoats Scribblers
4 pairs socks Package of copy paper
4 pairs underpants Geometry set
Powdered laundry soap Personal chair for desk
Bar laundry soap Large metal box (trunk)
Bath soap English dictionary
2 blankets Files and binders
Bedspread Textbooks for each subject
Mattress Study guides and workbooks
Bed nets Scythe to cut school grass
Pillow Hoe for weeding
2 towels Medical exam fee
Sanitary napkins Discretionary money