What we do


“The struggle for gender equality is the single most important struggle on the planet. Nothing comes close to it. Nothing approximates it.” (Stephen Lewis, 2010)

Power of Education Africa Foundation stands together with the poorest, most disadvantaged girls and orphans of HIV/AIDS helping them to access the power of education to change their lives.

The Foundation is a Canadian Non-profit Society and a Registered Charity. Our primary purpose is to help impoverished girls in one of the poorest areas of East Africa, Nyanza Province, Kenya, to obtain a secondary, and sometimes a post-secondary, education and to rise up out of the undermining effects of poverty, gender inequality, cultural oppression and HIV/AIDS.

Education is the most powerful tool to improve the lives of girls and young women in East Africa. Education empowers them, frees them from the grip of harmful cultural practices. It gives them greater economic independence, self-governance, gives them a voice. Education prepares young women to expand from the domestic to the public sphere, where they can become leaders in their communities and advocates for social justice. Access to education lifts a girl up, confers hope, helps her to change her life and the conditions in her community.

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