Power of Education Africa
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Our Mission:

Empower through Education.


We give impoverished girls in Kenya access to a secondary school education and the chance to change their lives and communities through the power of education.

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Our Mission

Power of Education Africa Foundation stands together with the poorest, most disadvantaged girls and orphans of HIV/AIDS helping them to access the power of education to change their lives.

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“The struggle for gender equality is the single most important struggle on the planet. Nothing comes close to it. Nothing approximates it.”

Stephen Lewis, 2010 



Our Impact

Education is the most powerful tool to improve the lives of girls and young women in East Africa. Girls who are educated become self-confident, strong, critical thinkers, and better decision makers. They marry later, dare to dream, and take leadership roles in their communities.

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Girls in School

To date we have given 103 girls in Nyanza Province, Kenya access to an education. Our girls attend some of the best national secondary schools in Kenya.



Different Schools

POEA is dedicated to supporting the Kenyan Economy by partnering with local schools. 



Successful Graduates

Our graduates have gone on to study Law, Social Work, Accounting, and more. They will bring these skills and the rewards of stable employment back to their families and communities.