Power of Education Africa is run by a team of dedicated, unpaid volunteers in Vancouver, Canada. We employ a small team of helpers in Kenya to maintain our foundations' work on the ground. In addition, we hire our graduate students on a contract basis for help with tutoring and registration of new Students.


Shiella Fodchuk - President

Shiella Fodchuk is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Spiritual Director and retired educator at the Vancouver School of Theology, where she was Co-ordinator of Spirituality Programs from 2003 until her retirement in 2010. From 1993-2003, Shiella was the Executive Director of Cathedral Centre for Spiritual Direction at Christ Church Cathedral. She has served as Chair of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors’ Ethics Committee; and served on the Task Group for Counsellor Regulation in BC. 

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Darlene Durrad - Vice President

Darlene Durrad works with the Foundation both in Vancouver as well as on the ground in Kenya.

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Anne Millar - Director

Anne Millar taught in secondary schools in New Zealand and Canada for 35 years. She also earned a degree in Theological Studies at the Vancouver School of Theology. She currently has a small Spiritual Direction practice in Vancouver, Canada.

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Syd Gallinger - Director 

Syd Gallinger is a retired CMA and CFP with 36 years of experience at the Canada Revenue Agency. He has also served as treasurer and trustee of Christ Church Cathedral, and treasurer and board member of the Cathedral Centre for Spiritual Direction, in Vancouver Canada.

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Dr. Phil Sestak - Director

Dr Sestak is a member of a group of volunteer physicians from Vancouver who have been working in Africa for over 10 years. He has been to Kenya several times, working with Kenyan medical staff and specializing in the support of patients with HIV/AIDS.

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Jennifer Owen Blacklock - Director and Treasurer

Jennifer is a CPA with 30 years’ experience in forensic accounting. She runs a consulting and forensic accounting practice.


Anne Kober - Director

Anne Kober is a retired commercial corporate and real estate lawyer with 40 years of experience. Anne is also a director and officer of The Whonnock Foundation and an active supporter of Covenant House and Child Haven.

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Linda Robertson - Director

Linda Robertson is a retired lawyer and executive coach who was recently honoured by the Canadian Bar Association Women Lawyers Forum, for her work in the development of women lawyers.

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Lauren Selden - Director of Technology

Lauren Selden graduated from Emily Carr University with a specialization in Digital Media and Photography,  and now works as an Online Education Specialist at a prominent tech company. 

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Judy Mostardi- Bookkeeper 

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Shaaron Fedora - Secretary to the Board

Shaaron Fedora is a recently retired legal secretary with many years of experience.

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Lesley Blok - Hospitality Chair

Lesley Blok is a retired health care professional with 30 years of experience in the field of speech-language pathology. She also volunteers for Meals on Wheels.

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Hospitality Team


Dr. David Po Him Yeung - Honorary Member

Dr Yeung is a retired psychiatrist with 35 years experience, having practiced in Hong Kong, London, and Vancouver. In early 2014 Dr. Yeung travelled to Kenya to assist the Foundation and photograph our work.

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Bo Fodchuk - Legal counsel



Fr. Timon Ochieng Odeny - Kenyan Advisor

Timon Ochieng is a Roman Catholic Priest, a native of Nyanza Province, and member of the Luo community. He is a Director of St. Elizabeth Ndisi Health Centre. He has a background linking NGOs with educational institutions, scholars and researchers.


Alice - Administrative Assistant - KenyA